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Revolutionary Breakthrough In Trauma Treatment

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Our Geocities website was hacked by our competition and the passwords were changed! Therefore, we now span the 'online world' through: and you can email The Foundation via or email Dr. Shekel directly at


Take part in our clinical trial and help this major breakthrough become an EMPIRICALLY SUPPORTED TREATMENT!


Dr. Shekel - Academic & Practicing Resumé

The Journal of Sudo Practice And Research

Stop Press: Dr. Shekel becomes an invited reviewer for the prestigious British journal Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapy.

Sudo Comes Of Age

Now with this new breakthrough in psychiatric treatment you can treat yourself and recover from the effects of trauma. Just follow "Sudo" the cat while keeping in mind a representative image of the trauma. When "Sudo" rests (ZZZ), blank out the image and tell him whether anything in the image changed or occurred to you. When "Sudo" starts running tell him how anxious you are when imagining the trauma again, from 0 (not anxious at all) to 10 (as anxious as you can imagine). If you score above 0, keep following "Sudo" until the anxiety is reduced. Hey Presto - CURE!


Please note that "Sudo" is highly trained and considered by others of the foundation to be an expert in his field. Do not try this yourself without first being trained. The butterfly, that "Sudo" is seemingly chasing with no purpose, has very specific therapeutic properties that "help release the trauma overload" following a critical incident. Also do not show this page to anyone else or "teach" them the "Sudo" technique.

In order to be trained in this technique please contact "Sudo's" authorized trainer (level IX), to find out about training seminars near you. This training used to cost $800 per workshop but, due to Dr. Shekel's already considerable wealth and her worldwide humanitarian efforts, you too could be an authenticated "Sudotherapist" for free. However, please note that researchers are not authorised as "Sudotherapists" until they have been trained to level 7 standard. Also all research must have fidelity checks, conducted by the "Sudo" foundation, to validate technique accuracy.


If you are fully trained in this technique already, you may consider purchasing a "Sudo" authorized "Sudometer", as illustrated below, to aid you in your therapy. (However, it should be noted that we do not sell the said item as we are a non-profit, non-advertizing foundation)

The metallic balls have been specifically treated and produce the exact vibrations needed to aid trauma reduction.



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For advanced training CLICK OR TAP OR DISTRACT HERE. (Takes a minute or so to download but in therapay "investment promotes gain"!). For those more difficult issues you may like to visit our Question Of The Week page.

We also present to you just some of the REVIEWS made by leading researchers.

Take part in our clinical trial and help this major breakthrough become an EMPIRICALLY SUPPORTED TREATMENT!

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