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Personal Data

 Licensed psychologist in ALL states of the USA

 Executive Director - Sudotherapay Foundation
 Executive Director - Metababble Corporation

 Executive Director - Sudo-Humanitarian (Tax) Relief Programs 

 Supreme Research Fellow - Sudo Research Institute

 Developed Sudotherapay (SOT) 

 Recipient of the 1989 Distinguished Unscientific Achievement in Research 

  Award presented by a small-time committee somewhere in the west   

 Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology - Professional School of Floating Means

 B.A. in Combined Studies (Economics, English Literature and Business Studies)



 Founding Editorial Advisory Board - Journal of Tautology

 Editorial Advisory Board - Delivering Editorial Abuse Today
 Editorial Advisory Board - Treating Editorial Abuse Today
 Editorial Advisory Board - Contemporary Splitting Today

 Editorial Advisory Group of Journal of the Inevitable (until dissolution 

  in 1998)

 Fellow - Behavior Therapay and Professional Fleecing

 International Society for Joining Traumatic Stress Organizations

 International Association for the Debasement of Cognitive Psychotherapy

 Society for the Advancement of Behavior Therapay

 Association for the Exploration of Psychotherapay Integration 


Selected SOT Presentations


 South American Psychobabble Presidential Symposium on PTSD - invited address

 Fourteenth World Congress on Sudo-Therapay

 Viscount University - Invited Grand Rounds

 Lawrence Peter, UTF - Invited Grand Rounds

 International Society for Joining Traumatic Stress Organizations

 International Congress on Fringe Approaches to Mesmerism and 

  Psychotherapay - Invited workshop


 Unusual Family Therapay Nodes - Invited workshop

 International Congress on Fringe Approaches to Mesmerism and 

  Psychotherapay - Invited workshop


1993 To Present
 Much of the above, repeated to create a false impression of importance
  and academic acceptance



Shekel, F. (1995).  Sudotherapay:  Basic Principles To Earn More Money.
  Old York: Guillotine Press.

Shekel, F. & Woods, W.A.L.K. (1997) SOT: The Revolutionary Breakthrough
  Therapay To Overcome Anything.  Old York: Very Basic Books.


Leaving, I.M., Shekel, F., and Weakdata, V.  (1997) When the future is past:  

  A conversation about SOT and the MRI Quasi-medical approach. In A. Heist, (Ed.).
  Deconstructive Therapies Eight. Old York: Guillotine Press.

Shekel, F.  (1993).  Sudotherapay:  A new treatment for everyone. In Leo Hype,
  (Ed.) Greed Victim: Considerations and Practical Suggestions. Old York: Accelerated
  Income Press.

Shekel, F. (1997).  Sudotherapay (SOT): Research and clinical insignificance.
  In Phillit Gossling (Ed.),  Current lack of thought and research in brief therapay.
  Old York:  Helmut Kohl.

Shekel, F., & Soldman, A. (1995).  Sudotherapay: Neurobiomedicovegititive information
  processing.  In F.O.R. Everley (Ed.) Me and Jeff. Old York: Chevrolet Publishing Company

Soldman, A. & Shekel, F. (1997). Sudotherapay: An effective tool for all. In C. Swindler
 (Ed.) Where I've Never Actually Researched. Old York: Tayloring Francisco Ltd.


  This section is far too long to be listed here, but if you attempt a literature
  search, don't be surprised to find only a couple of commentaries on the
  only study I ever completed.
Publications - Economics And English Literature

Shekel, F. (1968).  Hard times, and how to avoid them. Old York:  Fiendish Book Co.

Shekel, F. (1974-1979).  A variety of articles which never made it through the peer
  review system
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