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Customer A.

"I was totally amazed at what She did to me and how I felt afterwards"

Customer B.

"I was raring to go after just five minutes with "Sudo". I couldn't believe how I'd changed from an apathetic, depressed, bunny to a hare-trigger machine!"

Customer C.

"I was so impressed that I have purchased a set of "Sudoballs" ...[coated with the secret ingredient "Sudophospherous" - now widely accepted as a major breakthrough in anxiety reduction]... and, after a hard day at the office, practice in the comfort of my own lounge".

Customer D.

"The psychiatrist said I had ADHD, the psychologist said I was oppositional/defiant and my mom said I was just a brat, but after 5 minutes with "Sudo" I felt great".

Customer E.

"I felt that we were just going around in circles until I realised that all I had to do was to say that my anxiety was now equal to 0".

....Well every business has it's cynics.

The "Sudo" Foundation 1996