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The Sudo Humanitarian (Tax) Relief Cohort

The "Sudo" Foundation is proud to selflessly review it's own efforts to relieve the human suffering around the world. Initially we thought of just terming this "our work in the third world", but apparently Europe doesn't come into that category so we're going to talk about how our therapists visited war-torn Bosnia.

Our first goal was to select a group of people still being traumatized and teach the therapists there the "Sudo" technique. This was conducted through the "Sudo" humanitarian assisstance service (a section of our overseas portfolio), and aimed to offset the long term effects of the war on the civilian and armed population. Our second aim was to conduct research that could later be used to display both our commitment to alleviate human suffering and to validate our methods. These research data ("which look highly encouraging") are currently being prepared for publication and should be within the public domain very soon. We reject the charge of creating 'vaporstats'.

We are currently preparing a "Sudo" TraumA Response Team (START) to be permenantly ready to debrief and treat traumatized individuals within 24 hours of the incident. We believe that this is the only responsible course of action from those who have been gifted with this breakthrough. Furthermore, we believe that the research stating that debriefing has no long term effect on the development of pathology was confounded by using an inferior and unproven technique and not Sudotherapay. Those wishing to be part of this great initiative should email the Sudotherapay Foundation.

Help us fight the conservative vanguard that still polices science and academia and send your messages of support for Sudotherapay to congress.


Dr. Fatima Shekel.
The Sudotherapay Foundation.
The Metababble Corporation.