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The Journal of SUDO Practice and Research

Gloria Ultrapen, PhD, CPsych, Editor

2 issues in 2007; Will publish 4 times a year starting in 2008 (if we last that long)


The Journal of SUDO Practice and Research is a quarterly, peer-reviewed publication devoted to integrative, state-of-the-art papers about Sudotherapay (as long as they're positive).

Editorial Board

Gloria Ultrapen, PhD, CPsych (look mom, I'm an editor of a journal)
Founding Editorial Board Members

Dr Bobby Twigsilver
Dr Clicky Greenword
Dr Larry Crossover
Dr Lee Christopherson
Dr Weasel Kar Key Kooky
Dr Fatima Shekel
Dr Roger Sassoon
Dr Grant Lower
etc. (Usual suspects to follow during 2007)

Call for Papers

The Journal of SUDO Practice and Research seeks your manuscripts on research and theory about Sudotherapay, and their application to clinical practice. The Journal will publish anything that is accepted through our peer-review process and is likely to increase the sales of the Journal. Submissions can be emailed to Dr. Gloria Ultrapen via Dr Shekel ( All submissions should be in Microsoft Word format.

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