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Professor R. U. Mad, California School of Psychobabble.

"Dr. Shekel should be proud of herself for this MAJOR breakthrough ... which will revolutionize the way we view the 'helping profession' and science." American Association for the Abasementof Science.

Dr. Data, The Old York University of Floating Means.

"I was completely amazed by this technique's efficacy, the results are astounding. I couldn't have produced more convincing data if I tried myself." Journal of Statistical Anomalies, 1995, 6 (3), 45-49.

Dr. I. B. Blown, 'An unknown world renowned expert'.

"One day Dr. Shekel took our cat (Sudo) for a stroll in the park and our lives have been changed beyond belief since. While reading Dr. Mesmer's life story She noticed that a stray dog was chasing Sudo around the park. Naturally, following such a life threatening experience, Sudo was a nervous wreck for quite a while. However, one day Dr. Shekel's excellent perception led her to note that Sudo was chasing a butterfly which seemed to possess Mesmerizing effects. After this Sudo seemed cured. Luckily Dr. Shekel noticed that the butterfly moved in a very unusual fashion and sometimes hit Sudo on strategic parts of the body. These same movements were trialled and produced unsurpassed results in Trauma victims. In fact our preliminary investigations suggest that this technique helps in the treatment of any anxiety disorder, depression, dissociation, personality disorders and various somatization disorders, and we've only just started. Anyone could reap the rewards of this therapay. ...It has caused the largest paradigmatic shift in therapay since alpha waving." International Journal of Independent World Renowned Spouses, 1997, 4 (6), 23-45.

The "Sudo" Foundation 1996