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The Sudotherapay Download Zone

From The Award Winning "PsychoTek Corporation"










The SudoTheme downloads will be regularly updated, although we have one desktop theme available now. These themes are for Windows 9x and were developed to aid the clinician in the administration of Sudotherapay. However, recent studies have suggested that these desktop themes have their own therapeutic power and can reduce daily anxiety.

Don't forget that Sudotherapay should accommodate individual differences. Therefore, once installed one can switch on or off various effects (e.g. the sound event for "program opening" etc), without any deleterious effects.

Once downloaded unzip the file into your Microsoft PLUS! folder. If you have this program installed, it can usually be found at C:\Program Files\Plus!\themes or somewhere very similar. Then simply click to your desktop themes icon within the control panel and specify the new theme.

SudoTheme v1.0 (2.08 Mb)... Zip format.

SudoTheme v1.02 (2.18 Mb)... self-installing executable (use if unfamiliar with installing desktop themes). Recommended version.


Sudotherapay ScreenSavers






Below are two Screen Savers which have shown to be effective in disrupting dysphoric states and processing.

These Screen Savers are self-installing executables.


Version 1.2 (898K, includes messages and music) for Windows.

Version 1.3 (436K, includes music but no messages) for Windows.