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Sudodoctorates (SyD)

The Sudo Foundation is proud to announce that the following individuals have been awarded honorary doctorates for their contribution to the field of psychology and mental health. They receive this award together with all honors, rights, privileges, and financial benefits belonging to that degree. From hence forth, if they have already been conferred a PhD, they hold the sole right to refer to themselves as Dr. Dr. (Name).

Dr. Richard Gist (Newly Appointed Senior Sudotherapay Research Fellow)

Dr. James Herbert

Dr. Paul Salkovskis

Dr. Gerald Rosen

Dr. Richard McNally

Dr. Robert Montgomery

Dr. Gerald Davison

Dr. F. Dudley McGlynn

We would also like to confer a Diploma of Sudotherapay (D.S) posthumorously to:

Dr. Sir. C. Burt

For the momentous impact he had on experimental methodology, that appears to have been taken up once again by "researchers" today.

Congratulations to these individuals from all of us here at the Sudo Research Institute.


Expelled Members

The following have disgraced themselves in both the academic and public eye and have, therefore, been expelled from the Sudo Foundation.

Dr. Clicky Greenword (Previous Head of Hawaii Section)

Dr. Ann Mona Pignaughty (Previous Religious Affairs - not the first expulsion)

Dr. Larry Crossover (Former Counter-Intelligence Officer)